I’ve worked with Darren for many years with Mx Training events and when he said he was moving to Spain to start fly and ride I knew he would make a success of it.. To be able to just fly out to Spain and have a bike there waiting is just awesome. I spend nearly every winter down in Spain to prepare not just for the weather but for the great tracks on offer and I’ll definitely be calling into ride and fly next time I’m there. I know everyone that goes out will have a good a lot of fun at a well ran and proffesional outfit..

Elliot Banks-Browne #44

I’ve worked extensively with Darren on many training days over the years. Darren goes the extra mile for his riders and his crew. He’s well organised and knows the sport inside and out, he will go above and beyond!

Neville Bradshaw #272

Having worked with darren on many projects in the uk and Spain I know and believe in his new company fly and ride 365.. his preparation organization skills and thinking outside the box of every last detail to making the complete package for his customers are second to none.

He lives and breathes motocross and seeing what he has achieved already in a short period of time I take my hat off to him and his team. To be able to jump on a plane and arrive at some of the finest tracks in Spain on up to date machinery with guidance and a medic on hand staying on a five star complex in sunny Murcia what’s not love.. any chance I get I will be flying out to enjoy the trip of a lifetime fly and ride 365 offers.

Chris Bastick #17 - Train2Gain

Working with Darren on his mx training events uk was something new to the uk the way it was organized and run now Darren has moved to Spain to run fly and ride spain 365, I can only imagine it will be a massive success with his combination of outside the box thinking and years of MOTOX experience!

James Cottrell #711
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